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How We Work

ESS has developed a highly efficient way of recruiting the best candidates for high-level positions. Our way of working includes:

  • Flexibility. You can pay for the services you want, not the services in a set package. Ask us to do a full search, or only one small part. We can construct organizational charts for the target companies you are interested in. We can call these potential candidates and attract them for you, perform in-depth interviews, check a prospect's references, and handle the paperwork to close the deal. Hire us for all or part of the process, or regularly outsource specific tasks. We can also provide you with standard salary ranges and other market information that we gather during the course of the search.
  • Service. The candidates are important, but the emphasis is on you, the client. We work to meet your needs, and can target a search to find the skills and experience you request.
  • Efficiency. With ESS, you won't be subsidizing the airline and hotel industry just to find the right candidate. Our technological savvy and ability to conduct business in the 21st century means you pay for tomorrow's candidate at today's costs.
If you wish, you can contact us at 530.891.1329, or if you prefer, you can .


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